Teak-le Your Fancy?
Teak-le Your Fancy?

Teak-le Your Fancy?

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This scent is being discontinued, available until sold out.

Teak-le Your Fancy is the perfect candle to get that guy (or girl) who loves a more masculine scent. Filled with Amber, Teak & Moss, the soft scent still manages to pack a punch in any space!

To ensure you get the most out of your candle, wait until the wax has melted to the edge of the tin, blow it out and enjoy the scent for several hours. 

Smallz - 60ml tin - Approx 10 hours burn time

Biggie - 500ml tin - Approx 70 hours burn time

Each candle is made with Australian made, vegan fragrance oils, lead free cotton wicks and eco soy wax.